Our Foundation Team has been selected in such a way that it can comprehensively handle the most prestigious architectural competitions and the most difficult social campaigns. Our team is a group of interesting and harmonious personalities who share similar passions and are equally persistent in pursuing goals.
Together with the Fundation Council, which supports our Team with their vast experience, we make sure that the artistic installations created as a result of the Foundation’s work adorn Polish cities.
The Foundation Council members are: Justyna Krzysztyńska, Kornelia Wyszyńska and Małgorzata Tomczak.

Wiesław Cholewa

President of the Management Board of the Foundation


Graduated from the Krakow University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering. He defended his diploma thesis on the specialisation of Structural Engeneering in 1987, obtaining the title of Master of Civil Engineering.

He has been building his professional experience every day, directing the work of management boards of a number of Polish and international companies for many years. He is an “entrepreneur since ever”, as he says about himself.

In the Foundation, he is responsible for developing directions of our activity and projects of new undertakings. He is the initiator and founder of IDEANOVA. His long professional experience helps in the development of the architecture of Polish cities.

In his professional career he has had the opportunity to contribute to the success of many companies in the construction, development and technology sectors. He was President of the Management Boards and Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of companies from all over Poland.

His private interests include architecture, design and broadly defined art. Social activity is an inseparable element of his life. He tries to make the most of every moment, which is why, while driving, he catches up with new literature by listening to audiobooks. Nonetheless, a special place in his heart is occupied by off-road journeys, to which he sets off every year in his 4×4 car, holing up in the farthest corners of five continents.

Agnieszka Cudek

Strategy and Development Director


A graduate of two universities in Krakow. Jagiellonian University, where she graduated in 2011 with
a degree in Journalism from the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, and the Pedagogical University, which she graduated with a master’s degree from the Faculty of Humanities in 2009, gaining pedagogical qualifications. She complemented her professional specialisation in 2019 by attending postgraduate studies in Public Relations, at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication, Jagiellonian University.

She is constantly supplementing her knowledge by participating in numerous courses and workshops, including: corporate image building, press and copyright law, public procurement, media relations, corporate crisis management, website and app design and team development strategies.

In the IDEANOVA Foundation she is in charge of coordinating the work of the team, creating
a coherent image policy, promoting flagship projects and contacting the media and partners.
She is Vice President of the Board.

In her professional work she had the opportunity to run promotional and image-building projects for nearly a decade in one of the largest and oldest non-governmental organisations in the country. She has developed marketing plans for countless projects funded by the European Union. Currently she is an inexhaustible source of inspiration when creating image development and crisis management strategies for small and medium enterprises.

After work, as a mother of three charming girls, she is a master of logistical maneuvering. Between dropping her girls off at ballet classes and picking them up from artistic gymnastics, she still finds free time, which she most enjoys spending on mountain bike routes, successfully training enduro. Contemporary non-fiction is her favourite – yet much neglected – and she hopes that buying volumes is also some form of reading.


tel.: + 48 664 969 900 

Joanna Kowalik

Project Manager, Graphic Designer

Graduated from the Agricultural University in Krakow, Poland, majoring in Landscape Architecture, where she received her Master’s degree in 2018. She completed her engineering studies in 2017 by defending her thesis on Natural Environment Management at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy.

She continuously improves her qualifications by taking part in workshops and trainings, including: graphics, photography, content marketing strategies and new media development. She works as a Key Projects Manager.

In the Foundation, she is responsible for coordinating processes related to architectural competitions, creating graphic designs, administrating social-media profiles and keeping accounting records.

In her professional work, she had the opportunity to lead a nationwide social action, in which several thousand people participated, including children and adolescents.

In her private life she loves spontaneous mountain hikes with her friends, during which a camera is an indispensable accessory, also the one in her phone. She brings back souvenirs from these expeditions in the form of photographs, which, after selection and processing, she publishes on her Instagram. She is a lover of the cosmos (in all its dimensions) and sunsets. In her free time, she likes to watch a good TV series or revive the classics of cinema, although popular science and crime literature occupy a honourable place in her heart.


tel.: + 48 692 422 717

dominika blejder

Key Projects Support Specialist


A graduate of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy at the Agricultural University, where in 2020 she defended her diploma thesis, obtaining the title of Master of Engineering Landscape Architect.

She develops her skills by participating in trainings and workshops not only on the development of public spaces and private properties but also on graphic design, construction of architectural forms and creation of visualisations.

In the Foundation, she is in charge of administration and obtaining grants and subsidies which enable the implementation of key projects. She is an indispensable link in the often difficult contacts with authorities.

In her professional work she had a chance to create countless projects of functional spaces, including common leisure areas, green areas and unique gardens.

Privately, she enjoys spending time outdoors, in the company of her new pet puppy Taco and a tablet, using which she creates original designs of spaces and drawings of unique gardens. She is not fond of monotony and approaches each project individually, which results in a unique effect. When not working on her screen, she loves rollerblading and going to the gym. She does not like wasting time, so she devotes every free moment to reading gardening literature.
tel.: + 48 600 314 086

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