The architectural competitions we hold together with the resulting art installations feature a unique form and design, achieved by combining the innovative ideas of the designer with the experience of the jury members who choose the winning concept.

As part of the Foundation’s activities, we offer the organisation and implementation of an architectural competition specifically dedicated to your investment.

We believe that implementing innovative projects requires strong and reliable partners.

Become one of them!


benefits of our cooperation 

Flexibility of cooperation

We do not impose the theme of the competition (we can announce any scope of the project). We
will adapt it to the nature of the investment.

Decisions in your hands

The jury evaluating the projects may include your representative.

Completed project

you will receive a complete sculpture/installation/
space arrangement design, selected from several dozen designs submitted entries for the competition

Convenience of sculpture/installation construction

we can carry out the process of selecting the contractor and construction of the winning concept.

Promotion and prestige of the investment

the sculpture created as a result of a nationwide competition increases the prestige of the investment and makes it unique

Image of the developer

Cooperation with the Foundation for the development of art raises trust and respect in the eyes of customers.

Becoming our Partner, you decide on the rules and regulations of the competition – It is up to you to
determine the budget, the exhibition location and the theme of the sculpture! 


We are presenting selected competition projects undertaken by the Foundation. They represent the prestige of the competitions we organise and the high level that the participants present in their works.
The competitions we organise are distinguished by a high level of difficulty, which results in the participation of outstanding designers, artists and architects from all over Poland and absolutely unique winning projects.

Your investment can adorn exceptional architectural forms!
Run a competition with us!

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