THE IDEANOVA Foundation (before TworzyMY Kraków Foundation) was established out of love and concern for the present and future shape of the common urban space. We are convinced that without well-considered and socially inspired investments in modern
architecture supported by innovative technological solutions, Polish cities will never be able
to claim the title of the metropolises of the future, and thus effectively compete with any of
the capital cities of Western Europe.

Our mission is to actively work to change the current image of public space by enriching the urban tissue with small and medium-sized architectural forms, designed with the spirit of the latest trends in urban design, so that they can become a permanent part of our common urban landscape.

The Foundation pursues its goals by organising annual architectural competitions, resulting in the creation of unique artistic installations. We carry out nationwide social campaigns integrating young people and children from all over Poland. We support young artists, architects and designers in launching their professional careers and cooperate with developers, thus co-creating unique space designs for new investments.

We believe that together we can create the Cities of the Future! – unique places on the map, where tradition and classic architectural trends harmonise with bold visions of the future,
giving our metropolises an unusual and timeless character.


34-604 Przyszowa 82

tel. +48 692 422 717


NIP: 6772430287
REGON: 36923018000000
KRS: 0000712784

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